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  • Nilufar Prodhani

    Loved the place. It is a neat and tidy place. Ambience is way more beautiful than expected. It has almost all the upgraded medical facilities and is expert in performing a variety of medical examinations. Same day delivery of report is guaranteed. Staffs are very well behaved. The receptionists are good too. It opens as early as 6.30 am in the morning and remains open till 10.30 pm in the night. Prices are reasonable and low as compared to others. Thats why it attracts a trendy crowd..


  • Farjana Prodhani

    Farjana Prodhani

    Very clean and well maintained place..
    Things are done in a professional way..
    Well equipped lab with all kinds of advanced technology..
    Reports are given within 24 hours of the test and results are very accurate and can be completely relied upon..
    Located at the central place of the city makes it more easy for people to approach..
    Staff behaviour is good and services are excellent…👍👍

    Thank You Alcare

  • -Piku Bharali
    I love this place. The best lab ever. The staff are super polite and gentle. They are very proffessional and non judgemental. I love Dr. Meghali Barman. The radiologist for Ultrasound. I got my Transvaginal scan three times over there. And the front desk people are also very kind. I didnot have the cash one day and the card payment couldnot be done because of link failure, so they asked me to do the test first and then pay when I am done. I am very very impressed with this place. Also the reports are delivered on time. Do visit for once and I swear you wont regret.
    Thnak You Alcare..


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